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SERANY Foundation, Inc. is committed to the attainment of all its objectives through efficient programs, an accountable leadership, and a transparent management and utilization of all its resources.


SERANY Foundation, Inc. envisions itself to be an embodiment of goodwill and charity, while building a fortress of inspiration for the youth and spreading and instilling hope and love to the world.


SERANY Foundation is aimed at alleviating the plight of the poor and the needy in Binangonan. Generally, the Foundation shall extend help to these people and at the same time inspire them to better themselves and in turn, help others better themselves.

Specifically, SERANY Foundation, Inc., shall provide people with the following:

  1. Educational Support
  2. Agricultural Support
  3. Emergency Support
  4. Medical Support
  5. Ecological Support
  6. Financial Support
  7. Livelihood Support
  8. Feeding Support


SERANY Foundation, Inc., in support of its vision and mission, has the following objectives:

  1. To send children to school
  2. To build homes for the homeless
  3. To provide comfort to the elderly
  4. To buy medicines for the sick
  5. To create job opportunities
  6. To help create environmental awareness
  7. To conduct livelihood seminars and trainings
  8. To provide agricultural support
  9. To initiate relief and rehabilitation operations during calamities
  10. To spread love and inspire hope to people

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