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Serany Foundation Inc. : Uplifting the Bangon Spirit in Binangonan

Growing up in public service, siblings Rhea, Carlos Ryan, and Cecilio Noe Ynares established Serany Foundation Inc. in 2009 with one purpose: to transform Binangonan by helping its marginalized sectors rise up (bangon, in Filipino).

"For me, there's nothing more fulfilling than giving our life in service of those need it the most - our senior citizens, persons with disabilities, urban poor families, and residents in remote areas. They all matter." Rhea shares.

Eight years after, the foundation continues to provide educational, medical, and livelihood assistance to thousands of indigents, with the help of its partners in the public and private sectors.

Ma. Elvira Cecille Ynares Cecilio Noe Ynares Carlos Ryan Ynares
Ma. Elvira Cecille Ynares
Cecilio Noe Ynares
Carlos Ryan Ynares

Among these are Misyon KKK (Kalusugan, Kabuhayan, Kagandahan), a medical and dental mission coupled with cooking demos, free haircut, and message; wheelchair and medicine distribution for the elderly and the sick, and health assistance grants for poor families.

It also conducts regular feeding programs and scholarship grants for students, as well as alternative livelihood and training activities for out of school youth.

Additionally, the foundation conducts relief operations for calamity-stricken areas of Rizal, helping hundreds of families rise up and recover.

More than supporting their basic needs, the projects are aimed to empower the beneficiaries, and inspire them to help their fellow Binangonense as well.

"It's great to see those we've helped now supporting our causes. And that's how communities rise-when people share their time, effort, and resources to make a difference in the lives of others," Rhea adds.

For its future endeavors, the foundation is more dedicated than ever to uplift more lives and build more empowered communities for a better Binangonan.

About the SERANY Foundation, Inc. About the SERANY Foundation, Inc. About the SERANY Foundation, Inc.
About the SERANY Foundation, Inc. About the SERANY Foundation, Inc. About the SERANY Foundation, Inc.


According to MSWD (Municipal Social and Development Office), the office tasked to attend to the social welfare and development needs of the constituents of the municipality, the Local Government of Binangonan was allotted for year 2009 more than 2.5 million pesos and year 2010 Three (3) million pesos for the implementation of the office’s programs and services such as the Assistance to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS) which includes the provision of educational, medical, food and other needs of the disadvantaged sectors in the municipality. It also provides financial assistance for those who want to return to their provinces but have no financial capability through the "Balik Probinsya" Program. Provides services to children and youths in need of special protection, Emergency Shelter Assistance which provides limited material/financial assistance to families whose houses were totally/partially damaged by natural or human induced disasters and provides capital assistance for the livelihood projects initiated by the Boyet Ynares Ladies Movement (BYLM).

The Municipal Pharmacy reported to have dispensed General Medicines to over 28,527 patients in Binangonan from January 2010 until December 2010, which amounted to a total of 9.2 million pesos. Meanwhile, exactly 290 patients with tuberculosis in Binangonan each received approximately 11,677 pesos for their medicines, totaling 3.4 million pesos. Early June 2010, Botika ng Bayan offers maintenance medicines for life savings drug requiring daily intake with the following beneficiaries at the end of the year:

			Anti-rabies Vaccine					290 patients

			Maintenance Program
				Anti-angina					56 patients
					Oral medication			125 patients
					Insulin Preparation			20 patients
				Anti-hyperlipidaemic			45 patients
				Anti-hypertensive				234 patients
				Anti-gout						26 patients
				Anti-thrombotic drugs			8 patients
				Anti-rheumatic drugs			49 patients
					Hypothyroidism			2 patients
					Hyperthyroidism			2 patients
				Cardiac Glycoside drugs			5 patients
				Diuretic drugs					9 patients
				Primary Complex				170 patients


All contributions may come from private sectors, local and international organizations and corporations. There shall be one account in which all the contributions can be deposited by contributors. All the moneys shall be kept in a depository bank, under the name of SERANY Foundation, Inc. to be withdrawn only upon the approval of its Board of Directors.


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